Stamina X Air Rower Review

Stamina X Air rowing machine presentation

Stamina hit the market with another product: Stamina X Air Rower. An upgraded version of the old good model 1405. 

The first upgrade that can be seen are the slick colors that were used to paint it.

With all the upgrades it went through, it’s still a budget rowing machine.  And this is cool. Because it gives the experience that you are expecting from it.

However, not being a top model has some drawbacks and we will talk about them in a bit. Also, it has a lot of great features that we will also discuss later on.

In the following, we will carefully analyze the pros and cons of Stamina X Air Rower. This is for you to have a great picture of it

When you read this, you’ll know if this Stamina X Air Rower is suited for you. Maybe it is 🙂


Delivery and Assembly

You’ll receive your brand new Stamina X Air Rower machine in a box with a total weight of  71 pounds. Pretty heavy if you are asking us. But for sure you can call a friend to help you carry this package in the house.

After you unbox it, the number of pieces can be overwhelming.  But all make sense when you open the user’s manual. All pieces will perfectly fit in like in a big lego that you want to build. 

First of all, check if some parts are missing or were damaged during transportation. If these happen you need to call Stamina’s Customer Service. 

And this is what we like. Stamina’s Customer Service is really helpful and if some parts are missing or damaged they will change them cost-free.

As we said, that is a big lego that needs to be built. However, there are only 8 easy steps to follow. 

You’ll start by attaching Front Stand to the rail and finishing by connecting the Monitor. And only three things will be needed to complete the assembly. These are a Wrench and 2 Allen Wrenches.

We can estimate the duration of this entire operation that will take 30 to 50 minutes.  Maybe your friend that helped you carry the box is still around and you can ask him to help you assemble the Stamina X Air Rower machine.  


The assembled rowing machine occupies a total space of 78.5″ L x 18.0″ W x 29.0″ W.

Stamina X Air rowing machine dimensions

It’s not as big as it sounds, as the rower’s footprint is smaller than other rowing machines. In contrast with the footprint from Concept2 Model D, which is 96″ x 24″x 28″ inches.

It is obvious that the space needed is smaller


The Stamina X Air Rower is an upgrade version of Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405. That is why it was built on the same “chassis” but with some improvements. You will see that it has an enhanced steel frame with quality material and the entire machine is sturdy.

The Stamina X is using a chain system to connect the handlebar to the flywheel. In the past, there were some design flaws that made the chain jump off the sprocket. Stamina has redesigned the system, but there are situations where the chain is just jumping.

We cannot tell if this is happening due to the way the stroke is done (by pulling the handle too higher) or is due to a construction issue. But if this happens, a call to Stamina’s Customer Care to report it will be needed.

They can guide you to put the chain back in the sprocket, or even, if needed, to change the product. The support center is really good and they will help you. This is an honest way to sustain the good Stamina brand.

Let’s talk about how it’s actually built. The flywheel cage is made of metal and brings a degree of protection. The flywheel is made of hard and quality plastic. Overall, the build quality of the cage and flywheel mechanism will ensure long and hard workouts.

The rail frame is using the same two bases with rubber. This will ensure the necessary stability for hard workouts. Because, usually, the rower will slip when the stroke pace is at a higher level.

Moreover, as the rubber on the bases is anti-slippering, it will also prevent scratches on the floor.

Stamina X Air rowing machine folded

The rowing machine can fold and be moved using the built-in caster wheels. Unfortunately, it can not be stored vertically. But the fan cage can be moved over the sliding rail. 

You can do this in 3 easy steps:

  1. remove the pull pin and the locking knob will be removed; 
  2. pull the fan cage over the rail frame;
  3. reinsert the pin and the knob and that’s all;

Even if it can’t be folded vertically, this method makes storing the rower easy. By folding, the space that is saved is almost half of the length of the rowing machine. 

This operation will reduce the footprint, to only 53.0″ Lx 18.0″W x 40.0″H



The Stamina X Air Rower is using an air resistance system. This system of the four used on the rowing machines: air, water, magnetic and piston resistance. 

The difference between these is how a stroke is felt. However, air resistance is the most common as it feels closer to rowing in the water.

The air resistance is named a “variable” resistance. Why is it called “variable” resistance? It’s because the harder you are pulling, the greater the resistance is. It’s all about your pace.

This is happening because the flywheel, that is actioned by the handlebar, is acting like a fan. When you start pulling harder, the fan is spinning faster. By spinning faster creates more resistance. More resistance, more drag felt.

Stamina X Air rowing machine spinning wheel

This is why we are saying that the air resistance is mimic very well the feeling that you are getting by rowing on the water. In short, rowing on the water is about the pace. 

The speed of your boat is given by your pace. By having a higher pace you will automatically experience a greater resistance from the water. And keeping this higher pace for sure will burn you out.

The same things happen on rowing machines that are using air resistance. A higher pace means a harder workout.

On top models, the manufacturers have developed a system that can control the resistance. Is the damper system that is covering the flywheel cage. 

What is a damper system? With it, you can adjust the amount of air that flows through the flywheel cage. By lowering the level, the amount of air decreases and it will be easier to pull. 

In addition to this mimicry of the sensation of running on water, let’s see what are the advantages of this resistance.


One of the advantages of variable resistance is that these rowing machines can be used to do HIIT(High-intensity interval training). On HIIT exercises you oscillate between maximum intensity intervals and low-intensity intervals. 

If you go to Crossfit classes you’ll see that the air resistance machines are very popular there. This is only due to the variable resistance. Because they use the advantages of a higher pace.

As we said, the harder you are pulling, the tougher it gets. And this can be obtained without the need to stop and press a button to adjust the resistance.

Tehnical Details and Specification

  • Assembled dimensions: 78.5L x 18W x 29H inches
  • Product weight: 63 lbs
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Footrests: With straps
  • Resistance type: Air Resistance
  • Performance monitor: Basic
  • Warranty: Frame 3 years / Parts 90 days

Using Stamina X Air Rower

Now the Stamina X Air rower is assembled. We found out more about the resistance used. It’s time to talk about how it feels because there are some very interesting features and points that need to be highlighted.

Using it is really easy, as the Stamina brand was built on products that are on a budget, but still durable and easy to operate with.

Resistance Levels

To add some difficulty the rear end of the rower is more elevated. The gliding rail is creating an angle of 19’’. This is to increase the use of your legs when the stroke is done. It’s also helping you have a smooth recovery.
Stamina X Air rowing machine resistance

There are cases where some users felt that this inclination was too high. The situation can be easily solved by putting a piece of wood underneath the front support. This will raise the front part of the rowing machine. 

In this way, the inclination will decrease. But do this only if you feel it necessary.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the Stamina rower doesn’t use a damper system. Even if for some users this matters, overall the felt resistance isn’t that high.

Ultimately, the machine resistance compared with the price is very good.


For this rowing machine, Stamina recommends a max weight of 250 lbs. Yet, there are people that weigh over this limit and used to train, without having any problem.

This is happening due to the upgraded materials that were used to build this machine.

If you are a tall person, you should not worry. This is because even if you are 6’ 4’’ you will have enough space to extend your legs. If you have an inseam of 39.0″ it should be ok to use this rower.


Being an air rowing machine it will be loud. The air rowing machines are the noisiest machines of all. This is because the “fan” pallets hit the air to create the drag.

You may wonder how loud it is? It is not different than other machines, the same “whooshing” sound will be heard. The machine doesn’t rumble and it can be used in an apartment.

We recommend not to be used at night. Your training, probably, will disturb your neighbors.

With the headsets on, the noise will be reduced. But, of course, you can start your stereo system and add some volume. 🙂

These are just some tricks to cancel the noise. In effect, this makes the training more enjoyable


Stamina X Air rowing machine seat

For Stamina X Air Rowing, the seat was redesigned based on the users’ suggestions. The new seat is molded without padding. Moreover, the shape is perfect to do longer workouts without feeling discomfort. 

The design was done in order for the seat to take the pressure from your lower back at the moment you are pivoting.

Regarding the size of it, we can say that it has a medium size. It’s large enough to cover almost all posteriors. 


Handle and Footrest

They have still used the chain to connect the handle to the flywheel and not a nylon strap. This will assure quality and durability over time. The chain is connected to the handle by steel bolts, similar to the ones that are used in bicycles.
Stamina X Air rowing machine footrest

Using a chain, some maintenance will have to be done over time. Not like an auto mechanic, but the chain must be lubricated from time to time.

The handle is padded to assure grip but is not very wide. Some users may feel limited about the variation that can be made, without hitting hands with knees.

Stamina X Air rowing machine footrest 2

The foot pedals were also redesigned. These were designed to pivot and to be wide enough to accommodate all foot sizes.

It is not using Velcro ties to fix your foot, ties that can deteriorate over time. However, the straps are resistant and can firmly secure each foot. 

Let’s not forget to mention that it has a heel guard in the back of the plate. This will stop the sole of the foot from slipping

. All of this will allow you to put more strength and comfort in your feet when you are pushing. 


Control Panel

Stamina X Air Rowers are equipped with a large LCD monitor to track your training progress. It is a basic monitor but equipped with all the functions that you need. It will measure the following:

  • Distance
  • Calories Burned
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Number of Strokes (Count)
  • Strokes per Minute (SPM)

It has only one button to navigate through 3 separate windows. By having multiple windows, more data will be tracked during a workout. 

You’ll use the “Mode” button to navigate through windows and choose what information you want to be displayed.

Stamina X Air rowing machine monitor

You must know that the calorie counter will not show accurate data. The displayed measurements were created based on an average user. 

To have accurate data about the calories that were burned during a workout the age, sex, weight and heart rate should be taken into consideration. But you can use your smart band or smartwatch to track calories if you want.

The monitor doesn’t have a backlight and this makes it harder to read in dim light. Nevertheless, it is a good monitor for this “middle class” of rowing machines, providing useful data.

Final thoughts 

Is it affordable?

Talking about the price of the Stamina X Air rowing machine, we can tell that this is a budget rowing. 

It can seem to be a little bit higher than other Stamina products. However, this is due to the upgraded materials that they used.

This rower can be found in different stores at different prices. But usually, on Amazon, there is the lowest pricing, best shipping, and great consumer protection.

Users opinion

A lot of users are very satisfied with this model. But also there are some users that expect more from this budget model.

“The rower has performed exceptionally well while being used daily by myself and other members of my family. ”

 “Offers a bit less wind resistance than a Concept 2. That said, it’s half the price, sturdy, looks good and provides a good workout..”

The publisher verdict

The Stamina X Air rowing machine is a solid machine that is worth the price. It has some drawbacks, as the issues that can be encountered with the chain.

But with the help of Stamina’s Customer Care center, this can be easily fixed.

From Stamina, you can find other budget rowing machines, for example, the Stamina 1399, which is in the top 3 best selling budget rowing machines.

Also, a little more expensive, but with a lot of extra features is ProForm 550R Rowing machine. This one really need to be seen. 

Now you have an idea about Stamina X Air Rowing and you can choose wisely. We only wish you to enjoy any kind of training that you will take, as being healthy is the most important thing.

Pro and Cons

using Stamina X Air rowing machine

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