Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Review

This can, and we think it is, one of the best magnetic affordable rowing machines you can find on the market. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower review is showing you why this rower got the appreciation of all the users that used it.

The queen of this market is Concept2, common rower in almost every gym, very expensive, noisy for an apartment. But why you should not have an indoor rower? For this, we are here and we you walk you step by step to see why this affordable rowing machine can answer many of your questions.
Let’s see what this rower has to offer you:

Delivery and Assembly

You will receive a package with a total weight of 90 pounds. It is not too light and it has a size of 44 x 30 x 11 inches. Maybe you will need the help of a friend to bring it in the house, as we don’t want to damage your back before having the chance to train it using the rowing machine that just arrived.

To assemble it will be really easy, but first, after unboxing it, you will need to check and see if any parts are damaged due to transportation. There are some users complains that they received the box damaged and in case that some parts are faulty please call the Customer Support. They are really good and they will help you without any issues.

As we said, the assembly was made to be really easy, you will start by attaching the handlebar to the main unit and from there you will have only 8 steps until you get the rowing machine done. The front stabilizer, which is the magnetic resistance system, will be attached to the main frame. Then the rail with the slide seat will be locked to the main console. You will finish the assembly by plugin the adapter into an electrical outlet.

When you attach the seat, please be caution tighten all screws, because some of the users have complained that the seat is squeaking when rowing. Not only the seat, but you will also need to have in mind to tighten all the screws and bolts when you put the machine together.

Now the machine is up and it can be used. From far it can be seen that the rower is sturdy and solid.  The main frame is made of metal and the beams are from extruded aluminum.

Stamina is using a nylon strap connected to the handlebar. If you think that a chain will be more durable and will withstand better in time, you probably are right. But bear in mind that the strap being made of nylon will make the rower be quieter than any other chain systems that can be integrated to it. Also, the quality of this nylon strap is outstanding making it as good as any chain and you will not need to do any maintenance to it.

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower footprint is excellent for almost every room where it will stand. When it is unfolded it occupies a total space of 81 in. x 20 in. x 24 in.

To fold the rower it will be a really easy operation. The knob that is connecting the rail to the main console will be removed and after that only the sliding rail will be lifted.

 Be careful here to the seat to not slide and pinch your fingers. 

After folding the total space occupied will be lesser 36 in. x 20 in. 53.5 in. Folded, it can be moved with the help of the portability wheels. You can roll it where ever you want after using it, but the wheels will do so good on a carpet as it can be stuck over it.


This rower is using a magnetic resistance system. The magnetic system also uses a spinning wheel made of metal. This wheel is actioned by the user when the handle is pulled and to create drag there are magnets that are getting closer or farther from the metal wheel and product “Eddy currents”. These currents are the ones that are responsible for the resistance that you are feeling when a stroke is made.

Bu to simplify this, the closer the magnets are to the airwheel, the more resistance you get and vice versa.

There are two types of resistance, the adjustable one and the variable one. This is an adjustable resistance as you need only to move a know or to touch a button in order to get the desired resistance. Rowing slow or having a high pace, will not matter, because you will feel the same drag.

The variable one is found on air and water rowing machine when the higher that pace is the higher the resistance is felt.

There are some advantages of adjustable resistance used on the Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower. One of the advantages provided by this rowing machine is that is really quiet. 

By not using the airwheel as a fan to create resistance, the spinning wheel is not producing any loud sounds. Is making it perfect if you are living in an apartment and the neighbors might be disturbed by your workout, or if you have kids that are sleeping and you want to take advantage of your spare time.

You can see below a video to understand how its working:

Another thing to take in the consideration is the moment you adjust the level by pressing a button, that resistance level will remain the same throughout your training. If you like to row slowly but to feel the drag, these magnetic rowers are for you. This is not happening on air or water rower, where the resistance you feel is given by the pace, the higher the rhythm is, the higher the felt resistance is.

About the magnetic rowers, there are other aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

As we said that the resistance is remaining the same, no matter what is your pace and by this. By having this, the stroke will not feel the same like on the water or air machines. Also, an air rowing machine is preferred when we are talking about doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) due to the natural response of the rower.

Technical Details and Specification


  • Assembled dimensions: 81L x 20W x 24H inches
  • Product weight: 86.1 lbs
  • Supported weight: 275 lbs
  • Frame: Steel, foldable
  • Footrests: Adjustable, with straps
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Progress tracking computer: Programmable Monitor with Heart Strap
  • Warranty: Frame 3 years / Parts 90 days

Using LifeSpan RW 1000 magnetic rower

Now it’s time to take the full advantages of rowing a magnetic rowing machine. The first thing that it will be noticed is how smooth is the machine working and how good was designed the resistance system.

The rower comes with the molded and ergonomic seat. First, the seat needs to be comfortable enough as this is the point where the core and lower back is sustained. Unfortunately, the seat of Stamina isn’t such brilliant designed. It can take workouts that are 15- 20 minute long.

But if the workouts are longer is very possible that you’ll get butt pain making difficult to continue. A very good idea is to use a seat cover, made of gel or foam to soften the seat. There are plenty of options to choose from, starting with 10$ until 100$. Or you can just fold a towel and put it over the seat. This will solve the issue.

This will not affect the quality of your training. And if you will feel some sore on your glutes 🙂 maybe this means that these muscles are not trained enough. But no worries, they will get strong in a short time.


A great feature of Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower is that it can accommodate different heights. If you have around 6’ 5’’ and inseam of 34 inches it will be just fine. Even the rail it doesn’t have an extender is long enough to have your legs straight.

Also, the producer recommends that the user have a weight limit of 275 lbs and there exists a lot of users that have this weight and in time of rowing not felt any issues. The machine is sturdy enough to work with it even if you have a weight that is appropriate what the maker recommends.


As you know, the noisiest machines are the ones that are using an air resistance system. But here, where there is no need for the flywheel to create the resistance using the air that is coming in the main console, it is one of the quietest.

Not even the seat sliding will not produce any sounds if you tighten the screws as it should. This is great if you have neighbors that can be disturbed by your rowing machine or if you do your training in the early morning and don’t want to wake your children.

Resistance Levels

The power of magnetic resistance is at a button away. The intensity is controlled by pushing up or down the arrows from the Monitor panel, being adjusted even if you are in the middle of your workout. The control panel comes with a lot of features and prebuilds programs and a heart rate strip. We will talk in details these options.

The Stamina rowers come with a slight inclined railed that will put some extra work for your legs and glutes during a stroke. That means that the front of the rail is closer to the ground, in the catch position when the knees are bend.

Here will be closest to the floor, 8 inches. After you push your legs in the footrests, here your quads and glutes are involved for the extension and arrive in “the finish” position it, is the highest from the floor, about 13 inches off.

This slight inclination helps for the “recovery”, when you start to return to the “catch” position, the seat will slide easily and remove the pressure from your legs.

Handle and Footrest

Stamina is equipped with handlebars padded with foam to assure a good grip and to feel comfortable. Being comfortable, it will avoid over gripping that can produce painful blisters to your hands.

The footrests have large plates designed for every foot type size. The pedals are not fixed, as there are on other rowing machines, they are pivoting in order to have more natural feedback from the rowing machine.  

The texture of the plates is made to have a good grip and the Velcro strips are fixing the foot in the plate. The Velcro quality is very good, but in time the strips will lose their properties. Stamina has the option to buy t

Control Panel

The Stamina Avari InTouch Fitness Monitor is a basic, but powerful control panel. Is not competing with the ones that are installed on Concept2. We are not high athletes were every detail matter, but we get all the details we need, even more than other Monitors have at this price range.

This Monitor will provide you stats about:

  • Time
  • Count (number of strokes)
  • Strokes per Minute
  •  Calories
  • Watts
  • Pulse (using the heart rate band)

It has a backlight that making him more easy to be read even in dim light and it is easy to use. You will navigate through the options by pressing 4 buttons, Up & Down arrows, Pulse Recovery, Start/Stop and Enter.

The Calories counter is not accurate, is just showing an estimated value calculated over a sum of dates for an average user.

As we talked a little bit earlier, the intensity of the resistance can be adjusted by pressing Up and Down arrows, but was is really great to this rowing machine is that the resistance can be adjusted during the workout, without the need of a stop.  

On the Monitor, you will find 12 pre-build programs from where you can choose. There are 6 programs that are cardio workouts, 4 custom user program, 1 manual and 1 for the heart rate profile.

Program 1 – is the manual program allowing you to have full control over the resistance. Here you will use the Up Arrow to increase the resistance or the Down Arrow to decrease it.

Program 2-7: These are programs that are pre-built for cardio workouts where the resistance auto-adjusted by the rower. Choose Valley, Mountains, Interval or every other set that suits you better.

Program 8: Is to target heart rate control, where you can input the desired target heart rate, from 80 to 180 as an example. The machine will adjust automatically the resistance, in order that the heart rate remains at the established value. For this, you will need to wear the Heart Rate strap.

Program 9 – 12: Here is where you can create your own programs and workouts and save it in the Monitor memory.

As we said, for Program 8 you will need to wear the HR monitor strap. So, before use it, make sure that the electrodes are moist with water or use a conductive gel. Because your skin is dry in the beginning, in this way you make sure that the electrodes receive the signals from your heart and the display data is accurate. During the workout, when the sweat is starting contact will improve. Also, is good to know that you can use and connect the HR monitor with other types of equipment that have this option with a 5 kHz receiver.

The monitor and the HR monitor is making from Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower one of the best affordable rowing machines on the market. Being able to track your heart rate, to have all these data that are pretty accurate is a big plus sign.

A last word

The Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower is the best magnetic option that you have at this price range. Is more than a decent home rowing machine that has a really good quality and can last for years.

The monitor that is equipped is not like the ones that are met on Concept2, that we think that is the best that you can find on an affordable rowing machine with the big plus regarding heart rate monitor which is included free.

That being said, we think that Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower is one of the best choice for the ones that want an indoor rowing machine, that needs to limit into a budget and can receive the most of it.

If this rowing machine is above your budget, other options that you should check are the ones from Sunny.  Those that deserve to be checked are Sunny SF-RW5515 rowing machine and Sunny SF-RW5508 rowing machine.

Not just buy, buy smart!



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