Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 Review

We reviewed the Model D from Concept2, which is a great air rowing machine, but for many is a big investment.

That is why we searched an air rower that can be bought under 300$ and at the same time can offer quality workouts.

As usual, in our research, we considered budget, structure, customer care and the product that drew our attention is Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399, a good air rowing machine under 300$. This top seller model has a lot to offer, is strong and durable and created to ensure total user satisfaction.

These are only some of the reason why we chose this rowing machine and you can find more in the following: 

Delivery and Assembly

Stamina ATS Air Rower is coming in a box which weighs 55 pounds. You can carry yourself from your porch or ask the help of a friend, but it lighter than other packages of rowing machines.

After you will open the box the amount of hardware and parts can be intimidating, but it is a really well-documented User manual were the 9 steps can be taken in 20-30 minutes. Start with attaching the handlebar, front stabilizer and the pedal caps to the main console. After that, the seat will be attached to the rail and ad the rear stand. With these 2 pieces, the last action is to attach the rail to the mainframe and connect the monitor.  

You need to know that the package already contains the instructions and, also, the tools that need to be used to mount the pieces, a regular wrench, and 2 Allen wrench. There is no need to have toolbox before you before you order.  We think it will take longer to unpack the box than actual assembly. The assembly instructions are very well illustrated and quite helpful.

Now, all the pieces are together and the machine is ready to use, you will see the steel frame and the entire rowing machine looks is solid. If the construction is made of metal, the flywheel case is made of plastic. This is due to cutting cost in order to make this an affordable rowing machine. But don’t be afraid of the quality of the plastic that is used on a flywheel, this is hard and quality plastic.

If you think the nylon strap that connects the pulling handle will break, that the machine should use a chain, you need to know that this was designed to support any intensity, because for an air rowing machine the resistance is given by the pace you have. Besides this, using the nylon makes the buying price to be lower, no chain maintenance is needed, as for systems that are using a chain are seen on rowing machines that are not in a budget.

About the footprint of Stamina ATS Air Rower, you will see that is smaller than the one of Concept2 rowing. To move it, you will use the wheels that are positioned on the front stabilizer by lifting the rear of the machine. We will suggest being careful when you will lift the frame because the seat can slide and pinch your fingers.

To deposit and folding the rower, is really really simple, there are two pins that need to be pulled from the mainframe, lift the rear side and put the pins back in the mainframe. Then you can move it on the wheels that are on the front stabilizer.


You know that the rowing machines are very popular in gyms or Crossfit boxes because it offers you a full body workout. The resistance of an air rowing machine is given by the flywheel, that is actioned at the moment that you are pulling the handle. Pulling the handle, the strap action the flywheel and the flywheel becomes a fan system during a workout, creating drag. The advantage of this airwheel system is that makes every pull you do to feel “natural”.  When we are saying natural, is that it can mimic rowing in water.

To increase the resistance and the difficulty of your workout, many rowing machine that uses an airwheel have a damper system that controls the air flow in the machine. Is the adjustable option that can usually be found on the side of it. This damper will be found on an air rowing machine that cost more than 550$.

You should no know that, first, the resistance is coming by increasing the speed and having a sustained pace of your stroke. Think it like you are rowing on a boat in the water. To go with a steady speed you are rowing with low intensity for a longer time. To increase the speed of your boat, you will row faster with higher intensity, but you will burn out really quick.  If all of these will start to look too easy for you and you start becoming an advanced athlete, an air rower with a damper system can be used. But Stamina ATS comes with a tweak that can help, we will talk a little bit later.

As we said, the air resistance system is preferred for CrossFit training or for HIITs (High-intensity interval training) where the speed can be automatically changed by lowering your pace and no need to stop to change the resistance as this is happening at magnetic rowing machines.

Technical Details and Specification

  • Assembled dimensions: 77L x 18W x 22H inches
  • Product weight: 53 lbs
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs
  • Frame: Steel, foldable
  • Footrests: Adjustable, with straps
  • Resistance type: Air
  • Progress tracking computer: Basic
  • Warranty: Frame 3 years / Parts 90 days

Using Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

After the machine is ready to use you can take the advantage to row an air rowing machine. It doesn’t have the damper to select the resistance, but you will create the pace and after 20 minutes the puls will be maxed and sweating will take its place.

Using this Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 rowing machine has never been easy, with a simple design. The Stamina brand is trusted by many athletes and the ease of use made them popular in gyms along with treadmills. Another good point of this rowing machine is that after you use it, you can say that is was not made only for beginner and intermediate users, but also for “plus” users that want to have in their home a rower that can meet their needs.

Resistance Levels

As we said early, here comes the tweak to increase the intensity of your workout. The Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 has an inclined seat rail which will increase the use of your legs muscle, that means you need to push up a slight incline.

 The angle is not big, the lowest is at 9.0’ and the highest at 12.0” and this makes you work a little harder.


The seat is padded with quality material, is comfortable and roomy. The rowing machine seat is a very important part as it takes all the upper weight of your body and is acting as a pivot point during exercise.

Another thing that the seat it does is to allow circulation to your legs and if is not being properly padded it can cut off the blood circulation to your legs.But being padded, the seat reduces the impact on your lower back and glutes by taking the user weight and distributing accordingly to a good design. And even after a long workout, it will feel good.


Even the rail frame is not long as others have, the rowing machine is built for all peoples as well. If you have  6’ 4’’ and an inseam up to 38.0″ the complete stroke is done correctly, without any discomfort due to your height.

You should know that the producer recommends that the maximum weight of 250 lbs, but there were some users above this weight that used the rower without any issues. This is another plus for the frame and the construction of this machine.


The noisiest machines are known to be the ones that are using air as resistance, you need to expect that this is not quiet. Is producing that “whooshing” sound when the fan start spinning and the harder you pull the louder it becomes.

It is loud but, we don’t think you can practice when the kids are sleeping, but not that loud to wake up your neighbors. The sound is at a comfortable level.

Handle and Footrest

The grip on the handlebar is loose and it feels comfortable, as this is how it should be, natural. The handles give you the space to have your arms at a shoulder-width apart and thickness allows them to wrap around it.

It feels good, but in a long workout the hands can become sweaty and this will lead to a blister. Overgrip and rotating the handle in It will ok to use gym gloves if needed.

But if you choose to wear gloves, try to find ones that are thin and your hand can breathe. Thick gloves will make it harder to grasp and you will try to squeeze the handle. This will make to feel sore in the forearm muscles.

Here the footrest has large plates and is coming with straps. The footrests are not fixed, they are pivoting and this is giving you a better rowing experience.For most of the users, wearing gloves makes them lose the “connection” with the home rowing machine. 

The beginner users can feel slight discomfort or difficulties at the beginning, but after a while and some pieces of training, they will appreciate. For a better grip, you can have your sneakers on or in bare feet. It doesn’t really matter, because the straps are well designed to keep your foot fixed to the pedals.


Control Panel

Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 comes with a basic monitor but gives you the data that you need for a workout. The Monitor starts at the moment you start to pull the handlebar or you press the Mode button. You can check the speed, the distance and the time, pretty basic, but what you need to know when you are training. 

Even this can be confusing, the speed and distance are showed in miles, not in the metric system. If you had a benchmark that was accomplished in the metric system, you can use an online calculator to transform it into imperial system.

The Control Panel will show you the following info about workouts:

  • Speed (MPH)
  • Distance (Miles)
  • Time
  • Calories

The speed will stay on the monitor and the rest of the info will be showed one of at a time, changing it by pressing the “Mode” button. Do not lay on the calories counter, it will display an estimated value based on for an average user. If you need to count the calories that you are burning during an entire training you’ll need to use a separate heart rate monitor. The Monitor doesn’t have a backlight and this can make him hard to read in dim light.

This is what you should expect from a basic monitor, these functions will be for a real use to track your training and motivate you to overcome the last workout you did.

A last word

In a low budget, this can be one of the best air rowing. Stamina ATS Air Rower doesn’t use a dumper to control the resistance, but rowing is not about the resistance is more about a sustained pace over a distance.

This rowing machine is not just an affordable machine but is an affordable way to train at home, indoor and receive the expected results.

The strong build and the frame resistance will make the machine to withstand many and many workouts.

A good customer service that will replace the faulty parts, the comfy seat corroborated with what we said previously we think that this rowing is a really good acquisition.

As you know, this is not the only option that we have and that’s why we encourage you to check another rowing machine from stamina, Stamina X Air Rower that comes with some things in plus. 

Or for a few more buck, you can find ProForm 550R Air Rowing machine which comes with a damper system and a lot more things. We don’t want to spoil, so read all the things about what you want before “Add to cart”.

Inform before, buy after!



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