MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

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Let’s stop for a moment and take a look at this new MaxKare Magnetic Rower rowing machine. Why? Because it’s a new entry and already hit the Top 10 in Amazon Best Seller Rank.  

So, what makes this rower trusted and bought by many people? 

What does this MaxKare Magnetic Rower rowing machine bring to the table? We asked ourselves the same questions. 

To start, let’s see more about this company. MaxKare it’s a Chinese company that produces various products. But what interests us is the fitness category. Here you will find not only Rowers but also Treadmills, Ellipticals, and Recumbent exercise bikes. This means that they have an entire division dedicated to the Sports & Cardio business. 

As you may know, there are a lot of products made in China that are not that good, but there are also accessories that are worth the money. Even Apple products are made in China. 

Having this in mind, let’s see what MaxKare can offer.

Delivery and Assembly

So, you added it to the cart, paid for it and you wait for it to come. For how long? The seller ships the products in a maximum of two days since the order was received. But this doesn’t have to be a rule, as the rower is received in 3 or 4 days. 

Good, now the package containing the brand new MaxKare Magnetic Rower rowing machine is at your front door. Now you need to carry it into your house you can reach out to a friend to help you because the package weighs around 70lbs. Especially if you have back problems.

The next step is to start unpacking the box and check the parts. You need to pay some attention here to see if there are some pieces missing. If that happens you need to contact MaxKare Customer Support. They will help you resolve any issue, but we will talk more about their support later.

You will see that there are a lot of parts to be put together. Of course, this may seem hard to do, but in reality, it’s not. It’s easy to assemble and you can do it yourself.

MaxKare Dimensions

The entire operation will take 20-30 minutes. It’s easy to put together as you will find in the package all the necessary tools. Also, you will have the user’s manual next to you and this will guide you step by step. More than this, all the parts are labeled to make it easier for you.

Dimensions and Folding

The assembly of MaxKare Magnetic Rower is done and at this moment you can see its real dimensions. It’s no bigger than a 2 seat couch and is similar to other rowing machines. With the footprint of 76.4” L x 18.9” W x 21.5”H, workouts can be easily carried out in the living room. 

When the workout is done, the rower machine can be folded vertically to be stored. This is an easy process and it has only 3 steps: 

  1. Unscrew the locking knob and remove the safety pin;
  2. Lift the seat rail into a vertical position;
  3. Put back the safety pin

It’s that easy. Just pay attention to the seat not to slide and pinch your fingers.

MaxKare Folding -a

Now the MaxKare Magnetic Rower can be stored wherever you have some space. To transport it, you will have to use the portability wheels that are in front of the rower. Just a little bit of attention here, the wheels can get stuck in a fluffy carpet.


As the name says, the MaxKare Magnetic Rower uses a magnetic resistance system. You will wonder what the magnetic system is. This mechanism is composed of a wheel and magnets around the wheel. 

This is a very simple principle in physical science. When the wheel starts spinning around the magnets will produce “Eddy currents”. We will not dive more in physics but these “currents” are the ones that are creating the drag force. 

Moreover, if the magnets will get closer to the spinning wheel, more currents will be produced. With more currents, higher is the felt resistance. That simple!

You can see how it’s working in the below video:

In addition, this resistance is known as an adjustable resistance. You will find that there are two types of resistance for the rowing machines. The adjustable and the variable resistances.

The adjustable is the one that we just explained. Where you adjust from a button or a knob, the distance between magnets and the spinning wheel. This is why it is called adjustable.

On the other hand, the variable resistance is found in air and water rowers. It is called a variable resistance because it depends on your pace. The higher the pace is, the harder you pull, the greater the resistance is. 

To sum up, for magnetic resistance, the pace doesn’t matter as the resistance will remain the same. For the variable ones, the resistance is dictated by the pace.


As can be seen, there are differences. And having differences means that we have advantages and disadvantages. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of a magnetic resistance? 

The first advantage is noise. Or better said, the absence of it. Because there is no friction between the spinning wheel and the magnets, the MaxKare Magnetic Rower is very silent. There is no “wobble” sound produced.

Equally important is that you have a wider range of resistance settings to choose from. You can increase or decrease the resistance just by turning a knob. Obviously, your workout will be more challenging over time.

Despite what we said above, there are some disadvantages. One that is worth mentioning is that the magnetic resistance is hard to use for HIIT or Crossfit workouts.

This is because you have the same resistance to the entire training. While at a HIIT workout you pull as hard as you can for a specific period of time.  In this case, the resistance felt should be at the maximum. And then you have a recovery time when the resistance should be at the minimum. 

That is why for HIIT training a variable resistance is recommended.

Technical Details and Specification


  • Assembled dimensions: 88.5L x 21.5W x 21.5H inches 
  • Assembled weight: 78 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs 
  • Frame: Steel
  • Footrests: Pivoting, with straps
  • Resistance type: Magnetic, 14 levels
  • Fitness computer:  3. 5” LCD, Time, distance, calories, strokes, and strokes per minute
  • Warranty: Frame 1 years / Parts 90 days / Wearable Parts 90-Days

Using Fitness Reality 1000 Plus rowing machine

Ok, now the MaxKare Magnetic Rower is assembled, we know what resistance type it uses, so the next question is: How does it feel? 

At first glance, the materials that are used are not the cheapest. But also not the best ones. Instead, they have used good materials to build this rowing and to keep the price low.

The second thing you’ll observe is, when you start rowing, that the machine is stable. You will not jump or move forward when your stroke is at a high pace. The rower really glides smoothly.

But let’s analyze all this:


As we said early, the advantage of magnetic resistance is the noise. Or better said, the absence of it. And the MaxKare Magnetic Rower excels here.

There will be no “woosh – woosh” sound. The only thing that can be heard is how the seat is gliding on the rail. Ahh, and how your sweat flows on the ground 🙂

All together make the rower perfect if you have kids that are sleeping or neighbors that can be disturbed by the noise.


The 16 levels of resistance that MaxKare Magnetic Rower has are what you need. Yes, it has 16 levels from where you can choose. It is designed so you can start from the first levels and gradually increase the resistance. MaxKare Resistance Knob

However, if you are at the beginning you need to find out the right resistance for you. The first 5 levels are quite easy. You need to do some test stroke to find the one that isn’t hard, but at the same time puts your body at work.

To change the levels you will use the knob that is positioned on the central console. You just need to rotate it from left to right to increase the drag that is felt. The size of the knob is big and it has some prominent channels that make it easy to rotate even if your palms are sweaty.

A cool thing about the rower is how a stroke feels. The strokes are very smooth and quiet. For this reason, the rower has been bought by many users on Amazon. They really did a good job for a budget rowing machine. 

In summary, the rower’s resistance is good for the ones that just started to be more active and also for the good athletics that want to continue the training at home. Everyone can use it!


Do you wonder what the weight capacity is? According to the manufacturer, the MaxKare Magnetic Rower has a maximum weight capacity of 243 lbs. We can easily round it at 250 lbs. 

Comparatively, if we take other rowers in the same price range, the limit is the same. The weight capacity is given by how it is built and especially by the materials that are used.

using MaxKare strenching

If you use good materials to build it, the weight limit is starting to increase. But at the same time, the rower’s price goes up. That is why there is a balance between the materials and a rowing machine price. 

The company doesn’t specify a height limit, but they specify an important thing. The maximum inseam for a user. For this rower, it is 42 inches which we consider to be a good length. 


MaxKare Seat

The MaxKare Magnetic Rower is equipped with a padded seat that was designed for comfort. The seat is contoured to keep you on it when you stroke really hard. It was created for this. But the outline isn’t so pronounced, due to padding, and can make you jump from the seat if you push your limit. 

How does the seat feel in the long run? Especially when the pressure on your lower back is strong.  

Here we can say that the seat performs very well. The pressure is well distributed all over when your lower back starts to act like a pivoting point. 

Overall this is a good seat for long training sessions, it is comfy and smooth.

Handlebar and footrest


Another plus of MaxKare Magnetic Rower is the handlebar, which is padded and wide. The padding is really good. We are saying this because you’ll not feel the need to wear gym gloves. MaxKare Handlebar

Also, the higher position of the handlebar in the central console is another plus. Why? The explanation is simple. Having a higher position will allow you to fully extend your arms during a stroke. 

Going further, let’s talk a little bit about the footrests of this rowing machine. What we need to know is that they are big. Really big. It can accommodate all kinds of foot sizes. 

Besides the size, the footrests are equipped with heels-guard to prevent your foot from slipping. And yes, the pedals are pivoting. We like this because it permits you to have a natural movement of your ankle. In this way, the pressure taken by the ankle is dispersed easily into footrests.

Control Panel

OK, now we can talk about MaxKare Magnetic Rower’s monitor. From the beginning, we can say that this is a basic monitor. It is similar to the ones from other budget rowers. 

The monitor size is big enough to be seen even if it is built into the machine housing. This is good because it’s easy to read and it has only one button to navigate.

It isn’t fancy, doesn’t have Bluetooth connection and no back-light. But it shows the basic information needed:

  • Count
  • Total Count
  • Time 
  • Calories
  • Reps/min
  • Scan

The MaxKare Magnetic Rower’s monitor will start at your first pull. Also, there is only one button to navigate between all these functions. 

We said earlier that the monitor has a “Scan “option. This will cycle through the workout data displaying each for a few seconds.

The downside is that it doesn’t track distance but it has strokes per minute. This happens to many budget rowers as the Odometer (Total Accumulated Distance) is not always included. 

Also, the Calories counter isn’t accurate. It’s displaying only the average calories that are burned. To be accurate you’ll need to get information about age, sex, weight, and heart rate. 

While the Calories Counter will only show an average value, it still can be used. You can compare the data from one training to another.

MaxKare Multifunction Monitor

The comparison can be done easily. If in the first workout you hit 200 calories and in the next one 400, for sure the second one was more intense and you burned more calories.

But if you want to have more accurate data you can use a smart band connected to a mobile device. As the rower has a bottle holder under the monitor, it can also support a mobile phone.

Overall the monitor of the rower is almost as basic as it comes. It is used to track the essential workout data. That’s why most users use their phones to track additional information if needed.

Final thoughts 


Users opinion

There are a lot of very good user reviews for MaxKare Magnetic Rower. All of them praise how smooth the rower works and how good the interaction with Customer Support. 

Also, how quickly the rower is assembled is mentioned many times. 

Therefore we are saying that the downside of the basic monitor is replaced by a good feeling of the rowing machine.

“It’s easy to use and very smooth and quiet. When I had a question, the company answered quickly and was very helpful. ”

 “This rowing machine transformed my life! … Also, kudos to the service team, for their prompt reply and focus on problem-solving.”

The publisher verdict

There are two things worth mentioning now.  First, the good materials that were used. Secondly, how the machine is working. Mixing this information, the price of the rowing machine is great.

The price of MaxKare Magnetic Rower varies depending on the store you want to buy it from. But it seems that Amazon tends to have the lowest price. 

Altogether, the MaxKare Magnetic rower is a very decent rowing machine, making it one of the best in its price range.

Pro and Con

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