How To Buy A Rowing Machine [Infographic]

Or 6 Easy Steps In A Photo

This is meant to be an easy guide on how to buy a rowing machine.

Because you already came on this page it means that you already consider buying a rowing machine. And this can be the best decision you make. Or your worst. 

Why worst? Because it can become just another clothes hanger. Or just a “toy” in your storage closet.

We all been there. Saw something nice, we thought it was perfect for us, but somehow we just got stuck with them without any use.

We just want to prevent this to happen. 

On the other hand, we did good product purchases. Products that we use everyday and products that ease our life.

So how can we do this? Especially when on the market there are a lot of vendors and models and somehow it just became more difficult to choose a rowing machine.

But not that hard if you make a checkbox list and follow the steps. 

And here is where we want to help you. For this, we created 6 steps to follow in order to get the rower that suits you and eliminate the others.

That being said, let’s see how to buy a rowing machine in 6 steps: 


Maybe it feels that these steps are kind of broad. However, after you follow them you will see that the list will narrow down, up to 4 – 6 rowing machines. From here everything depends on your taste, preferences, feelings, etc.

To help you more, below you can find 2 rowing machines that need to be checked:

Stamina X Air Rower

Stamina X Air Rower photoThe Stamina X Air Rower is considered one of the best budget rowing machine. The rower resistance is air-based, as the name is stating. What is cool about this rower is that the “stroke” is very smooth during workouts. 

It has all the features you need. The rower can be folded, moved and stored easily after your workout is done. In addition, it comes with a basic monitor, but you’ll have all the statistics that you need: Distance, Calories Burned, Speed, Time, Number of Strokes (Count), Strokes per Minute (SPM).

More than this, the frame is made of steel and the spinning wheel is actioned by a chain. This is great because it will support even the hardest workouts that you will do. 

Also, it is easy to assemble by yourself and it comes at an affordable price. 

Check the full review here

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Magnetic Exercise Rower


This Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is another popular rowing machine within a budget. Although this rower uses magnetic resistance to create drag, not air. The big advantage of a magnetic rowing machine is that is quiet. It doesn’t produce the woosh sounds that an air rowing machine does. 

Another thing that this rower brings extra is the Monitor. Why is this extra? Because besides the traditional data that is measured like distance, time, calories burned, strokes per minute, it comes with a heart-rate monitor strap in order for you to check the pulse rate during training. 

Moreover, it has 12 different workouts programs built-in from where you can choose. 

In contrast with other rowing machines in this price range, the frame is made from strong, and lightweight aluminum. Also, it has a folding option to be moved and stored after a workout.

You can find more about Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower.

Click here to read the full review.

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