Fitness and choosing SMART goals

Why setting goals are important? Because having goals and use them can make a change in your lifestyle, in your habits and help you grow. We can say that these are the main reasons why a goal is important:

1)Goals are giving you focus.

The goal is to focus you to that pinpoint where you want to arrive and what you want to become and your energy will be channeled to that. By having a goal your attention will always be on the next step. Let’s say you want to shoot something and you need to aim your target. Your attention will be directed and used on aiming the selected target. The same thing is happening with all other goals.

2)Goals are showing where you are.

A goal means that you need to go from point A to point B. You know exactly where you are now and where you need to B at a certain time. By having this you can measure your progress. By working on your goal you will be closer to point B and you’ll know exactly what will be the next steps to arrive there.

3) Goals are helping you to eliminate useless things.

There is not about you don’t have enough time is about what you are prioritizing your daily activities in a certain order. We all have 24 hours/day from which, 8 hours of sleep. So the remaining 16hours are at our disposal. We are the ones that are making the decision about what to do next. And by having a goal and knowing that it must be reached can move us from the couch. Knowing that today we need to exercise 20 minutes and knowing why it will be more easy for you to do it.

4) Goal equal Motivation.

Even you are not knowing, every day you are using goals. Starting from your daily job where you need to send that report until 01:00 PM and you do everything that you can to have it ready. You have something to focus on and quit any other distraction in order to have it done. The motivation is there, the motivation drives you to have it completed. This is the power of any goal.

Now you know why a goal is important, the next question will be, ok, how to set a goal? More specific, how to set a goal that is related to fitness and my physical condition?

One of the best approach related to fitness activity is to use the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable Achievable, Relevant and Time. The value of SMART goal settings is creating a structure of your goals and adds objectives.

Instead of heaving vague objectives, like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to have more strength”, you will use SMART to create clear objectives and milestones that you must complete. Another step is time specific, you will see that every step that you make towards your goal is measurable from all points.

So, let go deeply and start setting your goal using the following steps:


Is the first step that needs to be taken. To declare your goal as specific as you can. If you are saying that you only want to “lose weight” or to “gain muscle mass” are too broad.  You must be as specific as you can, want to lose weight? Ok, how much? 10 pounds or 20?

This step is important because in this way you can quantify the objective. Being specific, your target will become more real, will come from an obscure zone to a tangible reality. To achieve this there are some questions that can help you:

  • What is your actual level of fitness? You are a beginner, immediate or advanced?
  • What do you want to obtain doing exercises?
  • How much?
  • Where do you like to train? Outside, at your home, going to classes?

An example for these questions can be: I am at a moderate fitness level and I like to go Crossfit classes. My specific goal is to attend 3 classes per week to obtain a body to fat ratio of 15%.


Measurable means that you succeed in identifying exactly what you desire to achieve. Coming with measurable goals means that you can track your progress. If your goal is to go to the gym 4 times per week in order to lose 20lbs. the next 3 months, means that you can measure the progress every two weeks.  

By measure, your goal and seeing your progress will keep you motivated and focused to achieve your deadline.

And for our example, after 4 weeks to see that your waist has shrunk and your weight decreased will be amazing for you and will determine you to get the final goal.


You always need to set big goals and it is recommended to shoot to the stars. As in life so in fitness the big goals that you want to achieve will need to break down in pieces. Maybe your dream is to go to Crossfit competitions, but first, you need to succeed at finishing the daily WOD training.

Your goal will need to be attainable to be successful. It will challenge you, it will improve your abilities, but is still possible to be achieved. You need to be honest with yourself when you are asking yourself at what fitness level you are and where you are aiming.


This step is about the goal that you want and if it fits your lifestyle.  The key factor here is that the desired objective need to feel important to you. You really want to run to a full marathon but because of your job you don’t have enough time to train, maybe more relevant is to be able first to participate in a semi-marathon.

Whatever the goal is, you will need to adapt it to your body, to your schedule as every aspect of your life to be in harmony. You will need to choose the type of exercises that are specific to your relevant goal and as more tailored are the more you will enjoy the journey


The last step in SMART is about the time, more exactly it will answer the question “when will it be done?” for your specific goal. Until now you should have the plan that will measure the progress and you need to set an exact date when your goal is achieved.

When the goals are time-bound, you can measure them, you can create a milestone based one time. You can see how close you are to your goal and how much you progress from the last milestone. Without making your goals time-bound, you won’t be able to see your progress.

Now you have a method that will help you to achieve any goal you want as long it will respect every step. All you need is to set your goal and start working. You are the only one that is accountable for your body and your actions. And that’s why you will be motivated, by eager to achieve it. It all depends on you now.

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We hope that this will help you in setting and achieving the goal that you want. If  you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.

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