About Us

The mission – We choose to accept

The team behind this website is made of three, Andrew, Sonia, and Erik. We all are corporate workers in an office from 9 to 6  and sometimes doing overtime. With the remaining time, we tried to get out more often and enjoy it. But after a while, going out became rarer. We start to watch more Netflix and TV shows laying on the couch than going outside.

This was going on until Sonia came up with the challenge. To go to the gym for one month, 5 days per week. As we all needed a challenge, a shift that to get us out of the routine we said yes.

It was not easy to go outside of the comfort zone, but the first month passed. After that the second month and the third. We started to have more energy and our lazy bodies have become leaner. What a change!

Everything was ok until we figured out that we got less time to do other things that we liked.

So after brainstorming, we thought that to combine training and free time, the logical step will be to move the gym into our house. Started to check Amazon to buy the gym machines that could help us to achieve our goals, Andrew to build muscle, Erik to lose weight and for Sonia to keep her tonus.

But what to buy was the question? There are a lot of equipment with fancy descriptions, all they need is just some glitter:). Yes, we started to buy and many of them were sold in a week on Craigslist because that was all, only glitter. After a while, we started to see more than the Amazon description and started to buy the equipment that we really needed.

This is the reason why this website was created, to help others to make the best decision before they click the “Add to cart” button. To not spend money on equipment will not perform as they thought and just throw money out the window.

With this website, we really want to help you to get the best buy and to keep you in good shape. As you can see in the below graphic, the gym equipment market will grow.

By growing, new equipment will appear on the market and that’s why we are here. Because we don’t want to buy any kind of machine who promises miracles, but in 2 weeks it becomes a clothes hanger. 

To help you to spend your money wisely and to enjoy your home training we created websites with gym equipment that were personally tested or it has in-depth research.